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Buttercup cultivation is the main activity of the company: in fact, its production began in the 90s.


A flower increasingly appreciated by the market, as it offers great and very interesting development possibilities.

Cut flowers

Our cut-flowers compositions are always clean-cut and fresh. They are the perfect choice for ceremonies and many other occasions.


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Spring has just started and the Clone Success Ranunculus are already protagonists in these weeks. A flower of undisputed elegance that symbolizes beauty. Spring blossoms everywhere here at La Marca Flowers, the requests are always many, but in particular,... Read more

Global G.A.P.

La Marca Flowers, located in the Western Ligurian Riviera, strives every year to obtain the best results regarding its products, Clone Success Ranunculus ® and Mistral Plus Anemones. For several years, in fact, our company has been following the strict rules... Read more

From the bulb to the flower: all about the cultivation of cloned Ranunculus and Anemones

The cultivation of Clone Ranunculus is the main activity here at the La Marca Flowers. Our company has been among the first to cultivate this kind of flower, supplied by the Biancheri Creazioni Company. Our personal production of Clones began in the early... Read more