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Buttercup cultivation is the main activity of the company: in fact, its production began in the 90s.


A flower increasingly appreciated by the market, as it offers great and very interesting development possibilities.

Cut flowers

Our cut-flowers compositions are always clean-cut and fresh. They are the perfect choice for ceremonies and many other occasions.


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Latest News

After the main season of the Ranunculus has come to an end, here at the La Marca Flowers the plantation of the summer crops begins: courgettes, “trombette”, tomatoes: “cuor di bue” and Ligurian basil. The tomato is without doubt one of the leading... Read more

From Ranunculus to Pon Pon Clones

The “Pon Pon” (pom pom) Ranunculus was initially a mutation of the Ranunculus flower. Amongst all the flower producers of the Riviera, in Sanremo, these flowers often blossomed and were originally considered malformed. Only later, thanks to the business... Read more

Cut flowers – How to choose them?

Our company is a family-run business which produces cut flowers in Italy, in the “Riviera dei fiori”, precisely in Sanremo. Historically this production area has always been the equivalent of great quality and specialisation on behalf of the cultivators... Read more