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La Marca Flowers Arma di Taggia (IM)


La Marca Flowers in Riva Ligure is an italian farm born in the 60’s in Riviera dei Fiori, when the production was almost exclusively aimed at the carnation, the flower of choice in this corner of coast tied to the name of Sanremo, still known today in the world as the city of flowers, synonymous with beauty and quality. In the following decades the company has evolved, expanding the surfaces, improving the structures, innovating the cultivation techniques and the range of products offered. Today it produces cut flower and horticultural products on a total area of about 40,000 sq. in protected structures.


Since the beginning of the company's history the objective has always been to develop high quality products and high and uniform standards for a demanding clientele. Objectives obtained through the maniacal research of the improvement of every single element of production, in the absolute respect of its employees and of the environment in a coherent and daily commitment. Always with a look at the future, but with the roots firmly in its history.


Our parents gave birth to the company, cultivating dreams and carnations in the plain of Arma di Taggia. A young couple who believed in their own future and with it, in what has become La Marca Flowers. Theodora before and immediately after Domenico decided to continue to invest in the company transforming it from a purely familiar management to a successful entrepreneurial activity. It still remains a “craft” business, thanks to the everyday innovation with strength and heart.