In the last years the production of Clone Ranunculus and Anemones in the Ligurian Riviera has grown thanks to an intense interest from abroad and this has offered new force and vitality to a branch and territory which was in strong crisis towards the end of the 90s.
The research of public and private institutions and the continuous market demand for innovative varieties and colours has encouraged a lot of industrial investors to invest and bring confidence and dynamism back around these cultivations.
Buttercups have acquired distinction with excellent results in the USA, Germany, Scandinavia and Russia and have permitted Sanremo to regain a long-standing splendour known as the "City of Flowers" (Città dei Fiori") which had clouded throughout the years.
This epithet at this stage had remained a simple honorary title as the sector seemed destined to decline.
Undoubtedly most of the merit is due to the microclimate of this corner of the Liguria which has always donated characteristics to our flowers that are envied everywhere; the results in terms of quality which have since time been achieved in Liguria, have portrayed Italian and European excellence.
The La Marca Flowers has profound roots in the cultivation of cut flowers, our Company started in the 60s and and has always been bound to this territory and to this business.

Buttercups Clones

For us entrepreneurs, being able to illustrate what floriculture is still able to offer always remains a great motive of pride.
Talking about Sanremo, still today, represents a strong incentive and desire to make business in the agricultural field.
Despite thousands of difficulties we still firmly believe in this resource called "land".
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