Our cut flowers for years have travelled  throughout the entire world contributing to introduce the reputation of the Riviera Ligure as producers of cut flowers.
We are pleased that somewhere in the world somebody chooses our flowers amongst many others because they recognise a quality which they haven’t found in other flowers.
Part of our method in order to improve the quality of our Clone Success Ranunculus and Mistral Plus Anemones is also to select more characteristic varieties, trying to recommend more unusual chromatic choices to the market which might not have placed themselves if not with a dash of courage and a good dose of luck.
Some of the varieties for which we have pushed more are the two tonalities of Cappuccino, the Fantasy and the Antoine. These varieties have been supplied to us by the Brea and Biancheri Creations Companies.

The varieties of Cappuccino are extremely different between each other, indeed one of them is of a white tone with purple hints whereas the other has got red hints on a yellow petal; their patterns are quite similar but the colours are no doubt different.
The red Cappuccino has got the same colours as the Fantasy whereas on the other hand the purple Cappuccino has got similar colours to the Antoine variety.
These characteristic varieties of two-tone petals during these years have gained  a place on the market thanks to their beauty.
First of all the Antoine variety followed immediately after by the purple Cappuccino, both have drawn our customers’ attention with their unusual characteristics and more recently, have been reached by the other two above mentioned varieties which have filled the empty spaces amongst the warm colours.
The season is about to conclude but our flowers show no sign of decreasing therefore until our plants continue to produce flowers we will continue to pick them, wrap them and sell them in order to satisfy our customers as much as we are capable of doing with packages of cut flowers with thousands of shades.