At the La Marca Flowers every year this period of the year is characterized by us rushing around in order to prepare the farmland and host as best as possible our future flowers. Indeed every year we take care of preparing the bulbs of Clone Ranunculus and Mistral Plus Anemones which we get supplied with by the companies Biancheri Creations and Brea and which once prepared and grown will produce our fantastic cut flowers.
Slowly slowly sure enough from looking like little balls of withered roots, they will become the splendid beautiful plants which every year gift us with incredible coloured flowers.
But in order to see the first flowers we will still have to wait a few months and witness various stages of growth of the plant. The first amongst these, which we are experiencing during this period, is the preparation of the bulbs, in other words their rehydration with an arousal from dormancy. This procedure is extremely delicate and is affected by various critical effects.

Initially the bulbs get prepared and placed in perforated plastic bags inside a refrigerating room where they will remain for three weeks. After which they will get periodically turned over and watered until the first roots and new buds appear.
This procedure is the most complex and delicate since the bulbs need the correct dosage of water in order to originate: we carry out all of this with a great amount of passion and dedication because we believe in our work.
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