Producing Cut flowers, Ranuncoli from Clone Success® and Anemoni Mistral Plus®, is increasingly a challenge season after season.
The climate of Sanremo, in the Ligurian Riviera, undoubtedly favors us, but the rules on environmental respect and the availability of increasingly limited strategies expose us to potential losses during the season.
Customer satisfaction always comes as first for us, and our goal is to produce flawless flowers with a product that is always 100% valid.
Starting from planting the bulb, we put in place a series of checks that follow the flower along the entire supply chain until its delivery to be sure that it has no alterations of any kind on the stem, leaves and petals.
The use of solutions to control the microclimate of the cultivation environment puts us in a position to limit the use of fungicides, thus preserving the flower and ensuring the production of a cleaner product for all.
We care a lot about respecting the environment and our flowers are also packaged with recyclable materials.
In addition, our company grows its Buttercups and Anemones with the help of beneficial insects; these complete the defense scheme in an in a “green” perspective, where the flower returns to being a true "Natural" product!
We remain at your disposal.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!