For the La Marca Flowers, increasing the duration of the Ranunculus Clones after harvesting is a key factor which determines the quality of the actual flower and allows the customers to always more appreciate our products.
Even though in general Ranunculus Clones, when compared to other species, have few problems regarding flowering senescence once cut, throughout the years we have experimented various solutions in order to lengthen as much as possible the so-called "shelf life".
For these reasons, immediately after cutting we place the our flowers in Chrysal RVB, appropriate for an initial hydration on the products still to be packaged.
Next we employ Chrysal Professional 2, appropriate for accompanying the Ranunculus Clones during their transport and exposure.
The aim is that the products always get delivered fresh and that they last as long as possible once sold.
We are at your disposal for further information and details: don't hesitate to contact us.