Each year the La Marca Company invests in the production of more and more sound, beautiful and colourful flowers.
The market demands for Clones and Anemones which our family has been producing with satisfaction and recognition for years.
But if the sun of Sanremo helps us with the realisation of all of this, today it is not sufficient and the route to obtain these results also undergoes environmental and social aspects.
The employment of countless products and their disposal on one side, and the collaboration with fully developed and professionally eligible staff on the other, are just some of the aspects which accompany us through this daily venture!

Important aspects which the European legislation and the increasing awareness on behalf of the consumers, have been put in the forefront.
For these reasons, for many years, we have adhered to the protocol Globalgap; a validation which embraces these important topics and safeguards the environment and the consumer.
This year also we have achieved the certification successfully, passing the inspection visits in full compliance with the law.
The La Marca Company is always a step forward in order to guarantee the quality of our products to our customers.