La Marca Flowers, situated in the west Ligurian Riviera, every year works hard to achieve the best results with its products, like the cut flowers of the Clone Success Ranunculus and Mistral Plus Anemones product lines, The “cuore di bue” tomatoes and the “trombette” of Albenga.
Infact, for several years our company has been following the strict regulations imposed by the GlobalGap; each single product is cultivated in full compliance with the environment and the end user.
The GlobalGap protocol was born in the ‘90s as an initiative to offer the market quality products, safe for their consumers, environmentally-friendly and trackable; sure enough and not coincidentally the acronym GAP means “good agricultural practice”.
This authentication intends to satisfy this increasing attention on behalf of the market towards each single issue pertinent to the respect of the environment and nutrition safety.
This year La Marca Flowers has once again achieved the authentication of GlobalGap.
This authentication arises from an association of several big companies and is valid in the entire European Community; being our company respectful towards the regulations imposed, we are able to sell our products comfortably abroad too.
Despite our company started its business in the ‘60s, it has now progressed with floricultural and horticultural products.
Each one of our products is authenticated by GlobalGap!
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