With the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 we have started to think more concretely about what objectives our cultivation of Clone Success Ranunculus and Mistral Plus Anemones encourages us to pursue.
Throughout the years our cut flowers belonging to the West coast have encouraged us to look more and more for the aesthetic perfection and mass production and we are extremely satisfied about the results we have obtained in the last decade of development.
This though now urges us to look for different improvements from the pure quality and productive quantity, such as the reduction in use of pesticides, the insertion of natural and biological products in order to increasingly approach a zero impact cultivation on our territory.
Us like other flower growers have noticed the impact which our plantations have on the environment and we are proceeding to remedy in the most compatible way in order to continue having top quality flowers to give to our customers.
Another goal which we are trying to reach is the complete production efficiency of our manufacturing processes. If we indeed managed to organize as best as we could resources and timing, we would be able to save a good part of the electricity we consume, reduce the transfers with the vans to carry out the deliveries and we would be able to make our plants healthier and resistant to diseases, optimising the use of water and fertilizers.
In our small way we always try to look for innovation throughout the entire productive process of our cut flowers in order to always give our customers beautiful and healthy Ranunculus and Anemones but above all respecting the environment surrounding us.