The "Riviera dei Fiori" owes its name to the labour of thousands of men and women who since the first years of the last century, have been working in order to introduce this small area of Liguria and Sanremo to the rest of the world as a leading facility in the floristic and plant nursery industry.
Today the market, the dynamics and costs have greatly modified certain aspects regarding the management of small companies, which overwhelmed by globalization, struggle in order to overcome daily challenges with products like ours, the traditional "niche product".

The La Marca Company believes that in order to be able to develop and expand, it is necessary to collaborate with other partners; this has been possible thanks to a contractual network with the D'Agostino Company and the Sweetpea Sanremo Company, well-known memorable institutions of the area.
Uniting our products and sharing know-how and resources, we succeed in offering fresh and uniform products, always in great quantities and available everyday within all ranges.
Our job is continuously devised and actualized to satisfy our customers' requirements in the best way.