During the following weeks we will stop producing cut flowers of Anemones in our greenhouses which are about to conclude their productive cycle of this year. During the past months we have seen the Mistral Plus Anemone bulbs grow into luxuriant plants which have offered us many flowers of various colours starting from the first days of October.
This particular plant is cultivated in less varieties compared to the Clone Success Ranunculus but not because of this the blooming is less beautiful or less significant ornamentally.
In particular among the colours which were cultivated, this year the Blue stands out, a very similar tone to the colour of the year declared by the Pantone Color Institute. Without even doing it on purpose, this variety has been extremely abundant and luxuriant even more compared to the past years.
Among the secondary colours we’ve had red, pink and claret and other varieties like fuchsia, tiger, white, Rarity and two-tone blue.

The years of research of the companies Biancheri Creations and Brea have ensured that the flowers become thicker and fuller.
Some time ago anemones were famous as they were known as the “flower of the wind” since they were considered thin and delicate flowers whereas nowadays this has changed, actually the best genetics have brought us plants full of long big and solid flowers. This enables the employment of this flower in sectors which in the past didn’t particularly make use of, such as bouquets for weddings, flower decorations in churches and in domestic settings.
Visit our gallery to find out our varities of Mistral Plus Anemones.