The night between the 2nd and the 3rd of October 2020 the entire Argentina Valley withstood enormous damage due to the intense rain which hit our hinterland.
Even having implemented all means of possible protection, nature decided to reclaim the areas that once belonged to it, also in our company, putting our Success Clone Ranunculus under more than one and a half metres of water and mud.
Literally a bath of mud because the water level went beyond the height of the cultivation terraces of at least ten centimetres almost totally submerging the leaves of the plants. Not to mention the plants which are cultivated on the ground which remained completely submerged for many days.
All these inconveniences arrived suddenly and honestly they had not been taken into account because nothing like this has ever happened before. Unfortunately it has been a real disaster and has literally brought many people to their knees.
One month has already gone by from that day and not only have we been able to shovel tons of mud that obstructed the greenhouses, the warehouse and the roads but also the plants have started to recover. Miraculously it seems as though what we thought nature wanted to take away from us in fact has wanted to give it back to us, considering the hard work and care that we have dedicated to reclaim it.

Today nevertheless we have started to pick and wrap the first bunches of Clone Ranunculus for our customers and just like a phoenix we are taking off in order to fly higher than before.
Events such as the one of this year’s that destroy the production, the houses and people’s lives are more and more frequent but until we all don’t decide to make a collective effort to respect our planet, we will have to get used to seeing events like these more and more frequently.