At the La Marca Flowers Company we desire that when our cut flowers get delivered to our customers they appear as beautiful as possible. And in order to embellish our Success Clone Ranunculus and our Mistral Plus Anemones we always try to search for new packaging methods.
A few years ago we started to sign our flowers with a cockade on which our logo was printed in order to embellish our bouquets and distinguish them throughout the world.
Simultaneously we also have micro-punched out plastic bags which not only allow the flowers to respire but also guarantee they remain fresh as long as possible and these also have our logo printed on them.
The micro-punched plastic bag is only one of the methods we use to package our flowers, indeed during the past years we have started to come towards our customers’ requirements increasing the methods and the packaging materials in order to avoid coming into contact with the product too much, in this way reducing the production chain and the preparation timing of the products, increasing therefore the freshness of the flower when it reaches the final customer.
Among the most popular packaging methods there are the TNT bags, the un-punched biodegradeable and paper ones.

All these different types of bags are a result of a skimming process amongst different varieties of packaging among which we only chose the best ones from a functional packaging and delivery point of view, very practical to avoid any issues connected with the storage of the material and its use, and finally but not less important, an aesthetic point of view so as to satisfy the needs and tastes of our most particular customers.
Furthermore all these selections regarding the packaging of our Clone Ranunculus and Mistral Plus Anemones aim to protect the environment as well as to satisfy our customers in the best way possible.