Our company thought about giving you some advice as how to best conserve our Clone Ranunculus and Anemones in your homes since a beautiful bouquet of cut flowers is always an appreciated gift and these tips will allow you to conserve them fresh as long as possible.
First of all the vase in which the flowers will be placed must be extremely clean perhaps you can disinfect it with antibacterial and antifungal household products. Moreover it's advisable to choose a glass vase so in that way it will be easier to dose the water internally and therefore that there won't be too much or too little.
The water with which you will fill the vase, which in any case must stay below half of the length of the stem of the flower, must be changed frequently in order to avoid the growth of fungus and bacteria which infect the flower. You must also pay attention to not leaving the leaves under the level of the water and if so, remove them from the stem of the flower to prevent them from rotting and consequently rotting the flower.

The flower must be treated with the same attention as to the water, cutting the last few centimetres of the stem every 4\5 days. In addition, in order to keep it nice and fresh, the flower will need nutricious substances. To feed cut flowers, you can add a small quantity of a non sparkling sweet beverage to the water, perhaps transparent in order not to modify the colour of the water.
These are only a few simple secrets to better preserve flowers in order to make them last as long as possible and to enjoy them as much as possible in our everyday lives. We hope they will come useful to you and if you are interested in having always fresh and colourful flowers in your homes, don't hesitate to contact us.