In the Riviera dei Fiori, the blooming period of the Clone Ranunculus and the Mistral Plus Anemones fills the atmosphere with happiness, perfusing the La Marca Flowers Company with a multitude of colours, first amongst all, red; this colour is connected to love, to passion and to the sense of general celebration.
Forthcoming Saint Valentine's Day reminds us that cut flowers have always been given to those we are in love with, to show them, on this special day, their love and passion which still binds their relationship.
The varieties which we cultivate, in the greenhouse and outside are the following:
- Tango
- Red 311
- Red 316
All these cultivations belonging to the Clone Success Ranunculus production are supplied by the Biancheri Creazioni Company that, for years, have been carrying out a research project in order to create plants with more and more interesting tones.

In Italy we care about these small traditions which take us back to the past, where the flower was given major value and had a greater significance. Its value went beyond a mere sporadic gift and was a daily interest which showed sincere affection towards others and an enviable desire to love others despite difficulties.
Today, donating a flower, not only on Saint Valentine's Day, often allows people to believe that they belong to another era, that still has these small attentions.