At the La Marca Flowers Company, we always work hard in order to instill the love and passion we feel for our cut flowers from the west coast. In this period we are making even more effort so that the Clone Success Ranunculus and the Mistral Plus Anemones reach our customers in time for Saint Valentine’s Day indeed overflowing with our feelings and waiting to be able to infuse yours.
Clearly all the cut flowers which are donated during this celebration have a special significance and remind who donates and who receives happy moments which have been spent together.
Even knowing how difficult it is in this period to create new memories together with the person we care about and who perhaps is not with us, we hope that the tradition of donating beautiful flowers on the day celebrating lovers will be a way of feeling closer in this particular moment of distance.
Therefore this year we would like to suggest some coloured combinations of our Ranunculus and Anemones to donate to your mr or mrs.
Starting off from the basic colour which represents love, that is red, with our Clone Red and Sangria Ranunculus, we would like to suggest matching them with colours like white and yellow, or a pale pink like the Hanoi variety. Instead regarding the Anemones, we could match always together with the red tone, a mixture of colours like white, the Edge or Tiger variety. Even better could be some mixed floral arrangements of Anemones and Ranunculus with a nice bunch of completely red flowers or a mixed bunch of colours and varieties.
These are our suggestions in order to donate a special gift to a special person but each of us has different tastes therefore in order to discover our entire selection of Clone Success Ranunculus and Mistral Plus Anemones to donate, please visit our gallery.