Let’s start with this new experience: our brand-new blog!

Here we will try to keep you updated with news, pictures and everything that happens here in Sanremo - Riviera dei Fiori.

Springtime is finally here! 

Even in Sanremo it rains every now and then above our Flowers, but then it comes the sun again in all its brightness.

Lambada is a breathtaking color which shines on those conditions and it’s still so big!

Ranunculus in all their colors are blooming right now, and Super or Extra grade are still available.

“Cloni” Success® are superior in shape, colors , and you can enjoy them longer than any other Ranunculus.

At La Marca, we are focused on offering you a product that you will appreciate and will be the same standard until the very last day, keeping top-end choices and quality at its best.

Keep in contact with us  filling the contact form. You will be rewarded receiving our new brochure for 2018-2019 and a colored gift .