Is it really possible to talk about technology applied to agriculture? Yes, it is and as a floricultural company we are a clear example.
As regards to the production of cut flowers, the mechanization throughout the west Ligurian Riviera has never managed to develop itself sufficiently. In other words it has never been possible to enter the fields with tractors in order to carry out for example the preparation of the land if not with very small vehicles and in a very unpractical way. But this doesn’t mean that technology can’t assist us.
Just think about automatized irrigation systems which through software programs handle the opening of the irrigation valves and pumps which carry the water directly to the fields. A simple automation which though allows us to not have to rely on the hose to water all our flowers. Furthermore this also allows us to handle the manuring of the plants more accurately, using probes to read the Ph values and for the electrical conductivity.
Not always though technology is flawless, actually very frequently it’s necessary to carry out various controls regarding the correct functioning of the programs.

Furthermore technology nowadays doesn’t realize that it functions badly therefore a person behind the machine is always necessary who understands when this last is working badly or making an error. Not only exploitation of machinery is helpful but even slowly slowly it’s starting to become a necessity for companies which desire to expand.
Today technology allows us to automate production procedures which until fifteen years ago were carried out manually. Luckily though not everything can be digitalised otherwise our cultivation would lose its handmade nature which has always identified ourselves and reflexively also a large part of its characteristic beauty and quality.
The joint venture between man and machinery allows us to make our cut flowers always beautiful and healthy, ready to assist our customers in the best way possible.