Throughout the landscape of the Riviera dei Fiori, one often doesn’t imagine a cultivation of Anemones. Indeed roses, ranunculus and other spring varieties grab the spotlight but it definitely receives all the attention and necessary care at the La Marca Flowers company.
The Mistral Plus Anemones which we cultivate and which are created by the Biancheri Creations and Brea companies are not our main cultivation but we consider treating all our cut flowers with the upmost care very important and we conserve the quality of our products as best as we can, from the fields directly to the hands of the final customer.
Every year we try to adapt ourselves to the requests of our customers expanding our catalogue with new arrivals, eliminating colours that are less requested and increasing the planting area with varieties that the market demand for and that maintain our quality and durability personal standards.
It is not an easy procedure but throughout the years we have established a relationship of trust with our main customers which allows us to receive feedback regarding the quality of the products and the appreciation of the new varieties on behalf of the latest purchasers.
Furthermore the anemones, being very delicate, need more care and lighter hands for the packaging and the picking. Indeed during the harvest, you need to be careful so as not to damage the stem, which being hollow internally, is extremely delicate. Being also a flower whose calyx becomes longer while the petals grow, another delicate point gets created which risks getting damaged with even consequent loss of the flower if it isn’t treated with upmost care.
If you would like to follow up on our way of cultivating Anemones, stay tuned on our blog and continue to read our articles and visit our gallery to see the varieties of Mistral Plus Anemones that we cultivate.