The La Marca Flowers, located in the Ligurian Riviera di Ponente, has a wide range of Ranunculus in its cut flowers.
Each color of the Buttercups Cloni often has an association with a fashion or a feeling, could be a present or for arrangements for ceremonies or events.
In recent years the Buttercups of these colors have increasingly met the tastes of the public.
Buttercups Pastel colored clones are the faint version of saturated colors because they have a great brightness, but with a medium / low saturation level.
They owe their name to the "pastels", colored pencils made with colored pigments and wax, which can be blended with the tips of the fingers obtaining particular and brilliant colors.
These colors are associated with the world of nature and recall the awakening of color immediately after the winter period, before the summer comes with its explosion of shining colors.
Buttercups Gran Pastel
They adapt very well to all the compositions where we want to enhance a sober and tasteful elegance.
Here, at La Marca Flowers,in the vastness of Buttercups Cloni we can find different pastel colors, including:

  • ButtercupClone PC 767
  • ButtercupClone Gran Pastel
  • ButtercupClone 898

Are you curious to see the nuances of our flowers? 
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