At the La Marca Flowers Company we have always tried to be up to date with progress in the agricultural sector in order to obtain beautiful flowers which have been cultivated in respect of the environment.
Nowadays it’s not easy to produce our Success Clone Ranunculus and Mistral Plus Anemones through a biological process even though throughout the years, the cultivation methods and scientific progress have started to move in that direction.
Chemical products are slowly slowly decreasing for economic and above all ecological reasons.
Indeed a lot of active ingredients are not only harmful for fungus and pathogenic insects of the crops but they are also for other living beings which compose our ecosystems, such as yeast for fermentation, bees and also for man.
As well as for man, we are also greatly concerned about bees, since without them the majority of the products which lay on our tables, wouldn’t exist.
The world is slowly slowly moving towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle which places in front of us both small and big obstacles every day.
Today pathogens have developed resistance towards the majority of the active ingredients on sale therefore not only must we be careful towards a rotation among active substances, but we should also have special consideration for research of new exploitable products and methods which permit avoiding possible problems.

If at the moment, considering producing cut flowers through biological cultivation seems utopia, certainly cultivating them in an ecological and eco-friendly way is a priority which we have always faced because together with the quality of our products, our environment and land are the things we care most about.
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