Also this year the vegetative regeneration of our flowers of the Ligurian Riviera has started and it is bringing the first flowers into our fridges. The first Mistral Plus Anemones of the Brea and Biancheri Creations companies have begun to peep out above the leaves of the same plants filling our days with bright colours.
Every day our first task is to verify which flowers are ready to be picked and which on the other hand, still need time and care in order to continue to grow.
The flower of the Anemone is particularly delicate and this leads us to take particular care to avoid it from suffering.
We daily pick our anemones before daybreak and we immediately take them into the fridge in a cool environment where they remain static until we use them to create our bouquets.
Every year we try to expand and improve our production in some way.
Indeed this season we have supplemented the chromatic selection of the Mistral Plus Anemones with two new varieties: rose edge and white edge supplied by the Biancheri Creations company.
They are two new varieties, launched on the market this year which distinguish themselves by the edging of the petal, respectively rose and white.
Furthermore we have decided to increase the number of planted bulbs in the varieties at our disposal therefore increasing the amount of flowers produced.
Despite Anemones are a type of flower less cultivated respect to the Ranunculus in our company, we in any case dedicate all the care they deserve, fertilising them in a special way, checking the diseases in a different way and carrying out separate agronomic procedures in order to grow splendid flowers as every year.
It is not always so easy to carry out all of this, sometimes we would wish it to be simpler and treat all the cultivation in the same way but in this way we wouldn’t have such high quality cut flowers.
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