La Marca Flowers, located in Sanremo, in the Riviera Ligure di Ponente, has a wide range of Buttercups Clones in its cut flowers.
The white color is commonly considered the color of purity, innocence and chastity. It is an impersonal hue, yet capable of transmitting a profound elegance, hope for the future, trust in others and in the world in general.
White includes all the colors of the light spectrum and it is a color with high brightness, but without tint.
Each color, both in the flowers and in the daily choices, can be associated with a feeling towards someone or a state of mind and, also in compositions, it is used for important occasions such as religious ceremonies or marriages. It is also a color of base that is well suited to any type of combination with ornamental green or other flowers.
White buttercups may encounter some quality problems, especially in rainy winters; their delicacy and the generally very thin petal exposes them to the risk of imperfections and product downgrading.
However, our experience in the treatment of these problems and the needs of this flower are constantly treated and monitored in the company, in order to preserve the quality of these beautiful flowers.
Available from late October to all April, we guarantee a constant and homogeneous offer of different varieties of White Buttercup in order to cover the whole season:

• Buttercup Clones Firenze
• Buttercup Clones B702
• Buttercup Clones B138
• Buttercup Clones B229

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