In recent years the cut flowers of Sanremo have been coming back on the market in large quantities and obviously during the spring period the climate in Liguria allows us to fill the storage units of the greatest suppliers with our Clone Success Ranunculus and our Mistral Plus Anemones.
Each day we carry out our job to guarantee a fresh product to our customers, packaging and sending out our flowers day by day.
The requests are always many but in particular with the beginning of the mild seasons, warm colours start to become more and more searched for like for example orange, cream and obviously yellow. Amongst the many varieties which we cultivate, the selection which we made regarding the various shades of yellow was extremely difficult due to not being totally satisfied with the majority of the cultivated varieties. For this reason we have decided to just keep the Clone Yellow 132 and the Clone Yellow 122 which completely meet our request of quantity and above all quality of cultivated flowers. In addition to these last two varieties, we have also got the Merlino with a bright shade of yellow and curling petals, like all the Pon Pon varieties.
Yellow, as well as typically representing spring, was also chosen as colour of the year by the Pantone colour Institute in January. Unlike last year in which the chosen colour (Classic Blue) was of the same shade as our blue Anemones, the chosen shade of yellow is slightly less brighter than the Clone Yellow 132 and it is a similar shade to the Clone Yellow 122.
We cultivate all the various shades of our Ranunculus in order to always bring beautiful flowers to our customers. To continuously be updated with the colours of our flowers, please follow us on Instagram and all of our social networks.