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Phytosanitary products: safe and sustainable use


The objective of achieving high-level quality standards could not, of course, be to provide a certification of its commitment in terms of both social and environmental aspects. The company La Marca Flowers, therefore, adheres to the Protocol GlobalGAP ( and is certified since 2013. It is also registered in the sole register of producers of the Liguria region, in the B.N.D.O.O. and follows the HACCP protocol in the management of horticultural products.

As a demonstration of its commitment, the strategy for combating harmful organisms in crops is implemented through integrated phytosanitary defence, where it is possible to carry out practices integrating all methods; the techniques available in the defence allow a drastic reduction in the use of pesticides. They are regularly carried out by the LABCAM (chemical laboratory of the Chamber of Commerce) of Riviere of Liguria-Imperia La Spezia Savona of the residual analyses of plant protection products in vegetables demonstrating the safety and hygiene of their productions.
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