Our story

La Marca Flowers is an Italian company based in the Riviera dei Fiori, a corner of the Ligurian Coast always linked to the city of Sanremo, known worldwide as the City of Flowers thanks to its beauty, the quality and the elegance of the floral arrangements that have always characterized the landscape. Born in the 60s, our first production in horticultural activity was exclusively aimed at Carnation as a product of choice; in the following decades, the company has evolved, modernizing the structures, expanding the surface of its territory and finding new floriculture techniques. The range of products offered has been extended to satisfy customers requests. To date, La Marca Flowers boasts the production of cut-flowers, with an eye of regard to buttercups and anemones and other horticultural products, within protected structures that occupy a total area of about 40000 square meters.

Our philosophy

Since its foundation, the main goal of La Marca Flowers has always been the development of high-quality products, which respected high standards and could satisfy even the most demanding customers, as the traditional Ligurian floriculture wants. The expected result has been achieved through meticulous research, dedication and constant commitment, to improve every single element of the production in respect of the environment. Despite the achievements already met, the company is always looking for new methods to improve its products, in the absolute respect of the territory and its employees; of fundamental importance for the company is the creation of a happy and protected environment. La Marca Flowers always looks to the future but with firm roots in its heritage.

Our family

Our company is a family business, founded by our parents who have taken roots in the bathing plain of Arma di Taggia, cultivating Carnations, projects and hopes in front of the Ligurian sea. Believing strongly in their relationship and their ambitions, what seems nothing more than a young couple has invested in themselves and their future, giving birth to what has become the company: La Marca Flowers. We, Teodora and Domenico, decided to carry on this project, expanding it and successfully managing to turn it into something even bigger. Although we renew ourselves every day, we don’t forget our origins and, deep in our hearts, we feel that we are still an artisan business, born from a family and its dreams.