Spring has just started and the Clone Success Ranunculus are already protagonists in these weeks. A flower of undisputed elegance that symbolizes beauty. Spring blossoms everywhere here at La Marca Flowers, the requests are always many, but in particular,... Read more

Global G.A.P.

La Marca Flowers, located in the Western Ligurian Riviera, strives every year to obtain the best results regarding its products, Clone Success Ranunculus ® and Mistral Plus Anemones. For several years, in fact, our company has been following the strict rules... Read more

How much beauty in the Pon Pon Ranunculus Clone!

The Pon Pon Ranunculus Clone is the evolution of the Ranunculus flower. It has a balled-up shape, the corolla is full of petals and the colours are assorted, some have unedited and new shades. In floral compositions it yields excellent results and this type... Read more

Anemones, flowers of the wind!

In the gallery of the winter flowers, the moment has come to dedicate some time to the Mistral Plus Anemone, a shy flower at first glance. The shape in which they open recalls the pirouette of a dancer with a light skirt in almost transparent veil; in fact... Read more