Plant Protection Products (PPP): a safe and sustainable use

The goal of achieving the highest quality standards could, of course, only provide a certification for the commitment shown both at the social and environmental levels. La Marca Flowers, therefore, adheres to the Global Gap certified protocol (Global Gap – since 2013. Moreover, it is enrolled in the Registro Unico Produttori della Regione Liguria, in the B.N.D.O.O. and follows the HACCP protocol in the management of the horticultural products.

To demonstrate the safety and hygiene standards of our productions, analyses are regularly carried out by the LABCAM (Laboratorio Chimico della Camera di Commercio) of the Ligurian Riviera to check for residuals of PPP in our products. In fact, our strategy to fight harmful organisms in crops is implemented through integrated plant protection, through which it is possible to carry out certain practices that complement all methods. The techniques available in defence thus allow a drastic reduction in the use of pesticides.