Associated with beauty, with a melancholy charm and a variety of glaring and bright colours, the ranunculus has always been seen as a symbol of elegance. According to Christian tradition, these plants find their origins from the brightest stars in the sky, harvested and transformed by divine will.

Requested both as garden plants and cut-flowers, the bulbs are planted in August for blooming during the fall season.

The shades of ranunculus can vary from candid white to maroon, from candy pink to purple, up to orange. 

This particular variety of ranunculus (Ranunculus asiaticus) was created in Sanremo as a variant and is recently introduced on the floral market. Compared to its traditional counterpart, this variety grows a larger flower; at the blooming peak, its calyx is larger than the one from a rose. Despite being an elegant flower, apparently complicated, it is easy to take care of and its long lifespan makes it perfect for decoration and creations of all kinds.

The ranunculus cultivation is the La Marca Flowers main activity; The company was one of the first to start to cultivate this kind of flower, provided by companies like Biancheri and Brea. La Marca Flowers self-production began in the early 90s, growing exponentially and progressively. To date, we produce about fifty cultivars of buttercups including the Success® e Pon Pon® variety; exported and commercialized all around the globe.