Known as the “wind flower” and seen as a symbol of perseverance, the anemones are spring flowers, suitable for the mid-season climate. Due to their light appearance and their waving in the wind, they are known to symbolize a short burst of joy, which must be savoured before vanishing.

Despite being a delicate plant, its thin stems are able to support the luxuriant blooming of its multiple petals; The colours may vary from red to purple, from pink to white, making the flowers of the anemone a suitable decoration for garden, balconies, and even smaller spaces, due to their modest size. However, to make them last longer, it is necessary to protect the plant from direct wind exposure.

The elegance of the anemones makes it particularly appreciated in festivities, wedding arrangements, particularly like cut flowers in bridal bouquets, during the warmer seasons.

In virtue of these characteristics, the anemone is one of the more requested and appreciated flower on the market. La Marca Flowers boasts different types of anemones among its production, including the Anemones Mistral Plus® variety, considered as an excellence.

The bulbs, supplied by companies like Biancheri Creations and Bea, are planted in August and harvested from autumn to April.