Spring has just started and the Clone Success Ranunculus are already protagonists in these weeks. A flower of undisputed elegance that symbolizes beauty.

Spring blossoms everywhere here at La Marca Flowers, the requests are always many, but in particular, with the start of the summer, warm colours begin to be increasingly sought after, such as orange and yellow; they are both sunny colours, which generate joy in those who observe them and in those who come into contact with them during the day.

Orange (Lambada, 021ARA and 004 ARA), represents positivity, spirituality, but also passion, femininity and courage; it all depends on the shade of the colour. It is no coincidence that this colour is reminiscent of fire, sun and light, releasing energy and vitality.

Among the many varieties that we grow in our company, regarding the shades of yellow, we have: the Clone GIA 132, G91 and the GIA 122 which fully satisfy the market demand and above all the quality!

Yellow is an intense and vital colour, not for this it gets associated with the typical colour of spring, a symbol of rebirth and vitality.

Easter also recalls the most beautiful pastel colours, they are the soft version of saturated colors as they have great brightness, but with a medium-low level of saturation.

The Clone Success Ranunculus colour surrounding environments, donating joy and putting one in a good mood. They almost make us abandon insistent worries and thoughts that steal our thoughts.

We invite you to visit our Gallery. We remind you that we are always at your complete disposal, for any information or clarification please do not hesitate to contact us.

I’m taking this opportunity to wish you a Happy Easter from all of the staff of La Marca Flowers.