This period at the La Marca Flowers is characterized, every year, by everyone rushing to prepare our farmland to best welcome our future flowers.

One of the most recurring phrases you hear is “there are no more mid-seasons”, maybe we can’t perceive them, but they exist and they change, one after the other, in a certain continuum. A great proof of this are the bulbs. Plants already generally follow natural rhythms, but bulbs take on an even more significant value.

The shape of the bulb may recall that of a spring onion, but in reality it varies according to the kind of plant it will give life to. At first the bulbs look like “small balls of dried roots”, but then they will become the beautiful plants that give us flowers of incredible colours every year.

A good bulb can be recognized by its size, by its turgidity (it must not be soft or too dry), by the fact that the part from which the flower stalk will emerge must be well compact and protected. We blindly trust the quality of Clone Ranunculus and Mistral Plus Anemone bulbs, because they are supplied to us by the Biancheri Creazioni Company.

Initially the bulbs get prepared and placed into perforated plastic bags, inside a refrigerating room at a temperature of 12 degrees, where they will then stay for about three to four weeks. After which they are periodically turned and watered, until the first roots and the first new shoots begin to appear.

This process is the most delicate and complex part, since the bulbs need the right amount of water to be able to get themselves started; the need to keep them cool must not be underestimated because, if the bulbs do not perceive a transition from cool to warm, they will not blossom, because they will not feel the passage of the seasons: this process is called vernalization.

This requires passion, resourcefulness and a lot of dedication, only in this way can we convey the love we feel for our work.

We are very satisfied with the results we have achieved so far, we are likewise ready to continue expanding, to ensure the highest quality of our products.

Please visit our gallery and remember that we are at your complete disposal for any information or clarification and do not hesitate to contact us.