The cultivation of Clone Ranunculus and Anemones

The cultivation of Clone Ranunculus and Anemones in our beloved Riviera has changed throughout the years by way of greater professionalism and even more refined cultivation techniques. This improvement has created companies with great know-how which stand out for the quality of their products.

More and more customers, when visiting Sanremo and later our Company, ask us for further information regarding the substratum, plantation periods, the disinfection techniques and other explicitly technical concepts of our Clone Ranunculus.

An aspect which not everybody is aware of and which they discover during their visits, is that the bulb of these flowers gets planted every year, precisely in August; this plantation date represents an excellent compromise in order to achieve healthy and productive plants.

Some of the colours are quite untimely and already during the first and second week of October they start to bloom, on the other hand some other more tardive varieties, display their first flowers towards late November.

Bouquet Anemones

The plants bloom again and at the end of the cycle the number of flowers can exceed ten stems per plant.

Generally the extremely productive plants have a good but not excellent quality of the product whereas those that stand out for the production of flowers defined as “Super”, as far as their size is concerned, are generally less abundant.

One of the issues that most arouses curiosity amongst our clients is the management concerning the defense strategies which are more and more directed towards the employment of products and natural opponents, embracing more and more philosophies of environmental sustainability.

For any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Bouquet Ranunculus