Easter at La Marca Flowers

Yellow,orange: colours and scents of Spring The season of Clone Ranunculus and cut Anemones at the La Marca Flowers is reaching the end and with it also the great flowerings which are typical of Spring in the Ligurian Riviera. But for the moment our cut... Read more

Technology in flower cultivation

Is it really possible to talk about technology applied to agriculture? Yes, it is and as a floricultural company we are a clear example. As regards to the production of cut flowers, the mechanization throughout the west Ligurian Riviera has never managed to... Read more

How to preserve cut flowers at home?

Our company thought about giving you some advice as how to best conserve our Clone Ranunculus and Anemones in your homes since a beautiful bouquet of cut flowers is always an appreciated gift and these tips will allow you to conserve them fresh as long as... Read more

The pathologies of Clone Ranunculus

At the La Marca Flowers Company we have always tried to be up to date with progress in the agricultural sector in order to obtain beautiful flowers which have been cultivated in respect of the environment. Nowadays it’s not easy to produce our Success Clone... Read more

How we prepare the Ranunculus and Anemones bulbs

At the La Marca Flowers every year this period of the year is characterized by us rushing around in order to prepare the farmland and host as best as possible our future flowers. Indeed every year we take care of preparing the bulbs of Clone Ranunculus and... Read more

The cultivation of Clone Ranunculus and Anemones

The cultivation of Clone Ranunculus and Anemones in our beloved Riviera has changed throughout the years by way of greater professionalism and even more refined cultivation techniques. This improvement has created companies with great know-how which stand out... Read more