La Marca Flowers: Cultivation testing

La Marca Flowers, since its launch, has always tried to obtain high quality products that meet high standards and could satisfy the most demanding customers, as required by the Ligurian floriculture tradition.

The desired result was achieved through meticulous research, dedication, and constant commitment, in order to improve every single element of production while respecting the environment.

Despite the goals it has already achieved, La Marca Flowers is always looking for new methods to perfect its products, so much so that in recent years we have carried out our own internal tests to improve the cultivation of Ranunculus.

The first test we carried out was the temperature test.

We took a small number of bulbs of the Hanoi variety and divided them into: Thesis A/Thesis B and Thesis C.

The bulbs of thesis A were placed in the fridge initially at a temperature of 12 °C for approximately 20 days and subsequently at a temperature of 4 °C for 4 days; the bulbs of thesis B, on the other hand, were placed first at 4 °C and then at 12 °C; thesis C, however, only at 12 °C (control thesis).

The second test we carried out during the year was the one regarding density, in other words the distance between one plant and another. Also in this test we chose the Hanoi variety as reference bulbs.

Here too they were divided into two thesis: thesis at 25 cm and thesis at 30 cm.

The last test carried out, not less important, was the one reagarding forced lighting, increasing the photoperiod by two hours.

These tests proved to be qualitatively and quantitatively useful, because they allowed the increase and improvement of production at the minimum cost during the season.

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