At the La Marca Flowers company we grow cut flowers and our major production concerns cloned Ranunculus and Anemones.

After a long preparation on our behalf, around mid-August, we plant them in the greenhouses, to then begin the blossoming cycle in October and finish between April and May.

Anemones generally bloom in the intermediate seasons, periods of the year when the climate is more temperate.

The rhizomes of the Ranunculus are medium or small sized, they get planted in a rich and deep, very soft and drained soil, which allows the thin roots to develop without finding hitches; in fact, Ranunculus fear compact and clayey soils, where they generally tend to flower scarcely and discontinuously.

The rhizomes fear frost and their permanence in frozen ground very often causes them to rot; they have a cylindrical shape, umbrella-shaped, which is generally called stem (technical term for rhizome); The Ranunculus rhizomes are planted and positioned at a depth of about 3-4 cm, depending on their size.

Ranunculus do not like prolonged drought and this could have a decisive influence on their blossoming. We intervene quite frequently both when planting and during the vegetative period, especially in the absence of rainfall.

We just avoid having a perpetually wet soil. This, in fact, could favour the appearance of root asphyxiation and rot, which are then impossible to eradicate.

It is very important to plant the Ranunculus with the rhizomes downwards and leave the pointed part upwards. If planted upside down, they become discouraged because their success is obviously poor.

For Anemones it is a little more complicated, since they are corms full of lumps and depressions; they must be positioned at a depth twice their diameter, with the apex facing upwards.

It must be remembered that the bulbs already contain the nutrients when blossoming, but they also appreciate a dose of granular fertilizer.


Companies such as “Biancheri Creations”, known for the uniformity of their colours and their size, or like “Brea”, with their infinite range and result of tireless research for generations, are protagonists on the world market.

This year, here at the La Marca Flowers, we have introduced new varieties: Mambo, Chocolate, Milky, White 323 and many more!

But in order to see the first flowers we will have to wait a few more months and the different stages of growth of the plant.

We remind you that we are always at your complete disposal, for any information or clarification please do not hesitate to contact us.