The packaging of cut flowers

At the La Marca Flowers Company we desire that when our cut flowers get delivered to our customers they appear as beautiful as possible. And in order to embellish our Success Clone Ranunculus and our Mistral Plus Anemones we always try to search for new... Read more

Our floriculture is still as handicraft!

The packaging of clones and anemones for the company La Marca is still a crucial step to obtain the typical quality of “made in Sanremo”. Although today some processes are, at least in part, mechanisable, we prefer to pack everything by hand. The... Read more

Smaller packs for flowers

Over the years, La Marca has grown from a production family of a few ranunculus to several thousand clones of the Cloni Success® and Anemoni range. The importance of accompanying the product in the best conditions right up to the consumer has been combined... Read more